Discipleship Training School

You are unique with a unique calling! – Let He who created you also equip you.

There is a big “YES!” from God over your life, which is stronger than all other voices. God is raising up a new generation who are longing for something more, and who will boldly bring Him both to their neighbors as well as to the ends of the earth.

The team working with the Destiny DTS 2019 is international and consists of young, great leaders together with people with years of experience in leadership and pioneering in Norway, in the nations and among the unreached. This will be a unique possibility for you to take new steps with God in a safe and faith-filled environment. This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss!

A School with both Theory and Practice

Lecture Phase

DTS starts with three months of life-changing teaching at beautiful Skjærgårdsheimen. Every week has a new subject where you will get the chance to listen to engaging teachers from different countries who live out what they teach. The main purpose is for you to know God. Know who He is. Hear His voice. Have courage to follow the faith and to be a Christian in your everyday life. We invite you into a fellowship that seeks to know God and make Him known. A fellowship with prayer, worship, discipleship, social events and much more.

DTS Speakers

During the lecture phase we will be privileged to receive inspiring and challenging teaching from a wonderful group speakers from all over the world:

Leif Hetland (US)
Mark Parker (New Zealand)
Amy Ward (Hawaii)
Paul Yadao (The Philippines)
David Demian (Egypt/Canada)
Francois Botes (South Africa)
Gwen Bergquist (Canada)
Dag & Lohne Jax (Asia/Norway)
Tormod Bakkevold (Norway)
Elin & Geir Fagerbakke (Norway)
Marianne Braseth (Norway)
Maren & Sven Weum (Norway)
Marie Hognestad (Norway)
Alv & Margareta Magnus (Norway)

Lecture Phase Track Options

During the lecture phase you will be given the opportunity to dine deeper into a focus track. The focus track will be facilitated for 20-30 hours during the semester.
The tracks you can choose between are:…

Mission, the Bible, Equipped to Serve and Adventure…

Mission – Reaching the unreached

Is your dream to be a part of His dream? To write His story? To be the first to share Jesus with someone? To travel to the unreached and see God’s heart for the nations? This track will equip you for cross-cultural missions. Get ready to see the Great Commission with new eyes.

Today, there are about 7000 unreached people groups amounting to more than 3 billion people who have never heard the gospel! Skjærgårdsheimen has always had a heart for and a focus on reaching unreached people groups since we started in 1994. As a base we have adopted several unreached people groups. Our dream is to see them worship God in their own language and culture.

Through the mission track we want to train and equip young people with a heart for missions and unreached people groups. We want everyone to see that missions is not only for a few chosen ones. Rather, we all are called to be a part of fulfilling the Great Commission that God has given to us. In this focus track, you will get new knowledge about culture and communication, biblical principles for mission, and how to share the gospel. You will learn how you can be a part of missions with your giftings, passions, and interests.

During the lecture phase, you will meet people with many years of mission field experience in different countries. Do you want to be inspired and challenged by what God does among the people groups? And to find out how you can be a part of making a difference for eternity? You will not be the same afterwards.

New! The Bible – going deeper

Have you been searching for a bible study model that could work for you? Do you find it difficult to understand the bible as you study on your own? This track will take you deeper in to God’s word, the cultural background, basic history and give you tools that can help to unlock the riches of the word of God . You’ll be introduced to different bible study models, both simple ones you can use in your daily devotion to Jesus, but also more elaborate tools that can help to make bible study more meaningful and rewarding.

New! Equipped to serve

Do you long to grow in the gifts God has given you? Do you have an interest for growing in the prophetic, but don’t know how to develop this gift? Would you like to learn more about how to minister to people, either through prayer or through one-on-one counselling? Are you dreaming of starting something new or doing something really crazy for the Lord? Then this track is for you. Experienced staff and leaders will help you grow in gifts of the Spirit and help you develop the particular gifts and abilities that God has given to you.


Are you up for an adventure? Want to challenge yourself and have some fun? We will explore life, nature and action together and enjoy the kick of being alive. Explore the magnificent surroundings of the base through water sports, sailing, surfing and fishing as well as hiking, climbing, go-karting and other exciting adventures.

Outreach Phase

In the beginning of January we travel on outreach. The school gets divided into several teams and is sent out to distant nations. In this phase you get to immerse yourself in another culture and people with different perspectives of faith and life. Outreach gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other people and share the gospel through both words and actions — the most important work in the world! In the last years outreach locations have included Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, Turkey, and other countries in South-East Asia.

Part-time student

If you think you are not able to do a full-time DTS but still want to join then this is your opportunity! Most of our part time students are between 25 and 65 years old. It is an amazing opportunity, if you have responsibilities like family, home or other things which mean you’re not able to join us full-time. You can continue to live at home and come and attend the teaching with us every day. This means you get a life changing experience, but not the University of the Nations credits for the DTS. This will give you a new direction, a new standard in life, and a renewed fellowship with Jesus.

Program for part-time students:

Monday – Friday
Worship/prayer: 8 – 10 AM Teaching: 10 AM – 3 PM (approx)

You will also attend small groups and one-on-ones.

Price for part time students:
NOK 9900,-

Next School

14. September 2019 – 14. March 2020

Cost breakdown

Price for lecture phase: 
NOK 25.900,-
(approx. 3150 USD/2750 EURO)

Price for outreach:
NOK 21.000,-
(approx. 2550 USD/2220 EURO)

NOK 46.900,-
(approx. 5680 USD/4650 EURO)

There are also reduced prices available for students from developing countries – please get in touch to find out more.

Note: the exchange rates are changing all the time, so you will need to double check these prices! School fees are paid in NOK, not USD or EURO.

Contact information
Phone: (+47) 38 10 68 70
Email:  dts@heimen.org