Mission Projects

YWAM Kristiansand is called to be a gateway to reach the nations. We have workers send out and involved with projects in Congo, Tanzania, China, Thailand, the Philippines, Nepal, India, Turkey, Brazil, Germany, South Africa, Mexico, Colombia, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland and the USA.

Unreached People Groups in the Himalayas

There are still many unreached people groups in the world. It is estimated that there are around 7,000 who still have less than 2% evangelical Christians. We believe that our  base has a specific calling to reach out to these groups. We have been focusing on an unreached people group in the Himalayas for over 25 years. In this group it is though that only 0.01%  are followers of Jesus. Our vision is to see at least 10% of this people group become true worshippers of Jesus. The work we do here, includes various ministries and projects. We do development work, church planting and intercession. We have sent many short-term and long-term workers here, and in recent years we have experienced breakthrough. The people group is changing. God is creating a new history for them!

The Karen People

In the northern parts of Thailand you will meet the Karen people. They are originally from the mountain areas in Burma and number about 7 million people. Approximately 400,000 of this minority group live in Thailand. They have been forced to flee their native Karen State since the Second World War and many of them are situated in refugee camps along the border between Thailand and Burma.

YWAM Kristiansand has been involved in ministry among the Karen people since 1998. In 2004, our field workers pioneered a YWAM base in “Way Te Loo”, close to the city of Mae Sot, along the border with Burma. In September 2018 our fieldworkers will pioneer a new development project and continue discipling the Karen.

Training in Hawaii

Several of our field workers serve at the University of the Nations campus at Kona, Hawaii. This is the main campus for YWAM worldwide. At Kona there is a great focus on facilitating for the whole family together in ministry, and our field workers are involved in training and equipping children and grownups to bring the Gospel to the nations.


In Mexico, we work alongside “Homes of Hope”. Poor families living in tin sheds get a new life through receiving a proper house. This is a hands-on way of demonstrating the love of God and provision for people in need.


We’ve had emissaries in Columbia since 1999. Here, we work strategically towards sending out Colombians to the nations through our School of Strategic Mission.


We work together with Iris Ministries on a project reaching people living on rubbish dumps on the outskirts of Rio De Janeiro.


Turkey is one of the least reached nations in the world. Out of 70 million people, only about 10,000 consider themselves Christian. Here our field workers focus on church planting.

South Africa

Here we work on discipling people as well as developmental work to combat poverty. Read more at www.theprintery.org

Australia, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium

Discipling (DTS, WBH, SOE).


Discipleship (DTS, SOFM).

The Philipinnes

Discipleship and mercy ministries.


Development work, church planting, discipling, education.

DR Congo

The outreach teams from our BSN cooperate with BELT (Biblical Education and Leadership Training), a ministry branch of YWAM. BELT hosts seminars for community and church leaders with limited access to biblical training. This is often done in cooperation with Wycliffe bible translators, to serve local leaders after they have received bible translations to their native language.

Do you live in the Kristiansand region and want to get involved in missions?

Once per month, a group of our former emissaries and others who have a heart and calling for missions gather for fellowship and keeping the passion for missions burning, as well of praying for the peoples. If you want to take part in this, contact us at eb@heimen.org

Are you considering going out in to missions?

Maybe you are the next envoy from YWAM Kristiansand? Do you accept the challenge of adding another country to our map? We have years of experience in sending out workers onto the mission field – for periods ranging from weeks to decades. The great commission has yet to be fulfilled! Will you write mission history? Contact us at membercare@heimen.org for more information regarding being sent out from YWAM.

Take part in asking the Lord of the harvest to send out workers

We in YWAM Kristiansand have set our alarms for 9:38 am every day. At that point, we stop doing whatever we’re doing to pray for more workers to be sent out. We are inspired by Matthew 9:38 which states: “Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Will you join us in prayer? Will you take part in being the answer?